Sciatica is a condition where severe and sudden pain is triggered that travels along the sciatic nerve’s path. The compromised nerve, the “sciatic nerve,” is attached from the lower back through the hips and buttocks to the bottom of each leg. 

The condition is said to occur when the bone overgrows and puts pressure on the part of the sciatic nerve. This extra pressure causes pain, inflammation, and numbness in the compromised area. The pain caused because of Sciatica can be sudden, shooting, and serious. The majority of sciatica cases are relieved in a few weeks. Research shows that people with serious sciatica, bladder and bowel changes, and leg weakness might require surgery.

Signs & Symptoms

Sciatica pain can be anywhere around the sciatic nerve. The pain affects the lower back, buttocks, and the backside of the thighs and calf. 

The seriousness or intensity of the pain can be mild or even shooting and burning. Usually, the pain also feels like an electric shock in the affected area. The patient can experience severe pain even while coughing, sneezing, or sitting. To quote the facts, Sciatica pain is mostly experienced in only one side of the body. Many people also feel muscle weakness, numbness, and tingling in the foot. This refers to a situation where one leg can be in pain, and the other one feels completely numb. 

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How Physical Therapy helps

Are you done fighting your body aches and problems independently? Well, we don’t usually see it coming. However, the condition becomes serious if not professionally treated. Self-medication is essential, yet you need experts to assist you in resolving the issues. If you have no idea about how to effectively treat sciatica, you need to talk to a professional. 

Vita Fitness and Physical Therapy is here to help you with the same.