Joe Glostott



Physical Therapist Assistant

Joe Glostott has been working for Vita since 2017 and is passionate about helping people regain the strength, function, and mobility which have been lost or hampered due to pain and injury. He has clinical experience in multiple settings, including outpatient orthopedic and acute care. He is extensively certified in all branches of Functional Movement Systems (FMS). FMS provides a systematic approach to the diagnosis of movement-based issues that may be the cause of pain or poor performance and is applicable to both rehab and fitness needs. He is also a skilled manual therapist, and among other techniques is a practitioner of Primal Reflex Release. Joe is  also a Certified Personal Trainer, and is available for both physical therapy and medical-based fitness sessions..


Outside of the clinic, Joe stays very active with a variety of movement practices including Brazilian jiu-jitsu (he is a certified instructor at Gracie Milwaukee), juggling, kettlebell/clubbell workouts, hiking, and flow yoga. He also enjoyed a previous career in music, and still performs with a choir and at home with his wife Kelly, who is also a musician. 


Work Experience and Education
  • 2016 – Physical Therapist Assistant – MATC