Physical Therapist Assistant

Andy Brand has been a personal trainer in the greater Milwaukee area for close to 15 years. He has worked with a wide range of people during that time, from athletes to the elderly, and always performs their movements in a safe, effective manner to maximize results. He prioritizes improving his clients’ ability to move and increasing their injury resilience, and after years in personal training he decided to pursue a degree as a PTA to enhance his skill set and expand his ability to help people recover. Andy enjoys connecting with people and making them feel comfortable through humor and developing a strong relationship with them.

Outside of work Andy enjoys doing anything that challenges his body both physically and mentally. He’s done a wide range of activities including martial arts (Krav Maga), speedskating, strength training and cycling. When he’s not in the gym or training for something he enjoys spending time with his wife and two cats.

Professional Certifications and Continuing Education
Work Experience and Education
  • 2021 – Physical Therapist Assistant – Milwaukee Area Technical College
  • 2010 – Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee