Knee Arthritis

Arthritis in the knee is a major pain. Affecting millions of people each year, arthritis becomes more common as people age and as the protective cartilage on the bones of the knee wears away. The loss or deterioration of cartilage is known as arthritis. 

Physical therapy is an important treatment for arthritis that can help keep the knee strong and improve range of motion and function, and keep knee pain at bay. Seeking the guidance of a physical therapist at Vita before arthritis pain becomes severe can result in better outcomes and an improved quality of life. Our specialists are focused on prevention in addition to symptom management to help you avoid more invasive treatments such as surgery.

How Physical Therapy Can Help

Vita’s team of highly trained and qualified therapists can help diagnose the condition, identify other contributing variables and provide hands on treatment as well as develop individualized exercise programs to help alleviate your arthritis pain and get you back to living life. A physical therapy program for knee arthritis typically includes:

  • An exercise program focused on strengthening the muscles that surround the knee
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Joint mobilization
  • Proprioceptive training
  • Dry Needling and kinesio taping to help manage pain
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