Meniscus Tear

The meniscus is a cartilaginous disk on either side of the knee that stabilizes the joint by absorbing shock and other forces. Although the meniscus is often involved in other knee injuries, the meniscus itself can tear by “acute” or “degenerative” means. An “acute” mechanism of injury usually involves twisting/cutting/turning quickly on a bent knee, while those at greater risk for “degeneration” sustain repetitive stressors such as squatting for longer periods of time.

How Physical Therapy can help?

Physical Therapists are doctors of movement, specializing in conservative and post-operative recovery as well as prevention of re-injury. If surgical intervention is required to repair a torn meniscus, pre-operative Physical Therapy is extremely important, helping patients go into  surgery stronger and hastening the recovery process post-surgery.

The Physical Therapists at Vita will work with you to design a specific treatment program to accelerate your recovery from an meniscus tear.Typically, the program will include:

  • Manual interventions to reduce pain, swelling
  • Exercises for range of motion and strengthening
  • Motor control activities and other stability demands for the hip/knee/ankle complex
  • Cross training guidance and progression for return-to-sport
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