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Vita Fitness & Physical Therapy Named Face of Physical Therapy

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With great honor, we announce that Milwaukee Magazine has named Vita Fitness & Physical Therapy the Face of Physical Therapy! We’re ecstatic to have received such an incredible recognition award and want to thank all our clients and supporters for always believing in us. Read on to learn about how Vita got this far.

Here’s How Vita Fitness & Physical Therapy came to be.

Owner and founder Tommy Grabowski attended Concordia University-Nebraska as a track and field athlete when he was sidelined due to a knee injury. With running being one of his biggest passions, this injury was a huge setback. However, after seeking physical therapy and following a strict regimen, his knee fully recovered! Grabowski’s experience with physical therapy sparked his interest in the rehabilitation process, and he decided to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy. After graduating in 2004, Grabowski founded Vita Fitness & Physical Therapy. Now, 18 years later, Grabowski’s practice has grown, and Vita has expanded to two locations in the Third Ward and Wauwatosa!

Vita’s unique approach to physical therapy.

Grabowski has always put the safety and comfort of his clients as a top priority. His individualized approach to physical therapy has helped him to differentiate his business from other practices in the area. He offers a wide range of services from dry needling to massage therapy to fitness training! The variety in services allows clients to get everything they need in one place. “Most businesses are either on the fitness side or the medical side,” he says. “We’re like a medically-based gym. We really want to help people who don’t exercise or have never exercised. Many of our clients transition into a fitness program. Long-term, that’s the best thing.”  

To learn more about our services at Vita Fitness & Physical Therapy, contact us at 414.272.8482.

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