Have You Ever Thought About Trying Personal Training?

Published by: Vita Fitness

Personal training is a great way to keep you motivated and hold you accountable for reaching your fitness goals. As trainers, we keep up with the latest theories/methods to help guide you to achieve lifelong fitness. This allows us to make programs that will challenge you and maximize your time in the gym. At Vita, we have a variety of trainers using different philosophies, however they are all focused on creating individualized plans to help you improve your strength and flexibility which will allow you to move better in your day-to-day life. 

Our clients frequently tell us that the two biggest challenges to establishing a fitness routine are maintaining consistency and motivation. The changes we make in our bodies through exercise don’t happen overnight, so setting and achieving long term goals is important. Working out with a trainer will keep you accountable and on track to achieve those goals. Exercising with a Personal Trainer can also help you through the ups and downs on your fitness journey. We will give you a wider variety of exercises to help you break through plateaus or change up the monotony of your routine. With someone ready to challenge you at each session you will gain the confidence you need to maintain a lifetime of fitness. 

At Vita, our trainers are also either Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) or Physical Therapist Assistants (PTA). The benefit of working with a DPT or PTA is that we look at the body in different ways to help prevent injuries while building strength, endurance, and flexibility. With this knowledge we will be able to better accommodate someone that comes in with a previous injury or is transitioning from rehabilitation to training. Over the years in my training career, I have seen lots of trainers start their clients with exercises that are too advanced and will cause issues for them down the road. As therapists we can better assess your current level of functioning and establish the safest progression of exercises.

When choosing Vita for personal training we start our new clients off with a movement screen. Most of our trainers are certified in a movement screen called Functional Movement Screen (FMS) which gives us a better picture of how you move and where to start with you. This test takes you through seven movements, three are functional patterns and four are foundational patterns. This assessment helps us determine if you have any physical therapy needs as well as indicating which movement patterns to target at this point in time to decrease the risk of injury and help you move better.

 Written by: Andy Brand, PTA

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